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How to Find Information on Sustainable Forest and Lumber Management
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Q: Could you direct me to resources explaining efforts to create sustainable forests in the kind of woods a woodworker would use?

A: There are many websites that speak to what is being done for sustainable forest management. It is harder to find solid information on where and how to buy lumber and wood products produced in a sustainable manner. The Forest Stewardship Council has a page in its site that will search for FSC certified wood products. At this time, if a woodworker wants to know with certainty that a piece of lumber has been grown and harvested in a sustainable manner, the FSC logo is the best evidence.

Here is a list of websites that will provide some information regarding sustainable lumber and lumber products.

Forest Stewardship Council
Yale Program on Forest Policy
The Longleaf Alliance
Rainforest Alliance

posted on February 1, 2010 by Rob Johnstone
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