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Should You Finish Scroll Saw Cut Figurines with Tung Oil or Danish Oil
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Q: I am retired, and my hobby is cutting out figures on a scroll saw. I mainly use oak, walnut or Baltic birch plywood. I pour Danish oil into a shallow pan and immerse the items for a few minutes, then wipe off the excess and hang them up to dry. After 72 hours, I coat the items with spray lacquer, applying a couple of coats until it looks good. A friend of mine told me she uses tung oil. What are your suggestions on using Danish oil vs. tung oil? Any input would be valuable.

A: Danish oil is a thin varnish designed to be flooded on and wiped off exactly the way you are using it. Tung oil is a natural drying oil, not a varnish, though there are varnishes made from tung oil. Tung oil takes far longer to dry than Danish oil and leaves a much softer, weaker finish. My advice is to stick with what you are doing. It works for you, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the finishing sequence you described.

posted on August 1, 2008 by Michael Dresdner
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