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Five Great Sites About Antique Woodworking Tools
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A lot of us find the old ways of woodworking fascinating (although we may not practice them ourselves!). There are some really amazing sites out there where you can find more information about antique woodworking tools or old woodworking machines. Here are five great sites that we've found (in no particular order); feel free to add links in the comments section if you know of other good sites!

  • Old Woodworking Tools
    Your source for information on old woodworking tools and machines. This site is about both hand tools and machines, and you can even upload pictures from your own collection.
  • Old Tools Shop
    An Internet Magazine for Galoots by Galoots. (Their words, not ours!) The site has kind of a clubby feel, with forums and articles by site members.
  • Union Hill Antique Tools
    The finest antique tool site on the web. (Again, their words, not ours--but it makes our top five!)
    This site is chock full of information, including an amazingly comprehensive "Beginner's Guide to Tool Collecting".
  • The Superior Works
    Everything (and we mean everything) there is to know about antique Stanley Hand Planes. Wow!
  • The Museum of Woodworking Tools
    A virtual museum of antique tools, with pictures and articles. Fun and informative!

These are just some of the great sites out there that showcase antique woodworking tools. If you are interested in more, has a list of websites related to antiques and old tools. Be sure to share your links for similar sites below--they might be featured in a future post!

posted on April 16, 2009 by Kim Adams
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One thought on “Five Great Sites About Antique Woodworking Tools”

  • jerry kenner

    is there anyone i could call, who could give me info
    0n a verry old wooden frame sliding top table saw
    i belive made by beach mfg cir. 1900

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