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Forrest Dado King Dado Blades Perfect for Crosscutting and Chipping Wood
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Forrest Dado King Blade Kit 2011 Street price: $299
Chippers: 6 (1/16", four 1/8", 3/32")
Maximum cutting width: 29/32"
Outer blades: 24-tooth
Chipper style: Four-wing
Carbide: C4; Hook angle: -10°

If you follow blade articles, you already know that Forrest has ranked high or even dominated most categories for years. It’s a reputation for quality and performance the company has earned by developing superior products. And, in this dado test, the Dado King definitely didn’t underwhelm. Crosscuts in cedar were surgically sharp; melamine and oak ply were nearly so. It whisked maple so cleanly on the bottoms, you’d think they were made from a single ultra-wide blade. Wow.

You get a 3/32" chipper here along with a full selection of other sizes, a seemingly indestructible case and magnetic shims. But, at this time when budgets are tight, the venerable Dado King hits the price ceiling for this group of blades at $299. Distributors may offer it for less, but the rationale to buy it over one of the other top-flight dadoes selling for $100 less seems tougher to justify.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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