Forrest Duraline Tenoning Blade Makes Joint Cutting Easier with Few Scoring Marks
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Forrest Tenoning Blade Forrest's Duraline-series tenon blades are perfect fits for your tenoning jigs, making joint cutting a snap.

Developed in response to requests for an easier way to create tenons, Forrest Manufacturing’s Duraline Tenoning Blade achieves this process in two steps. First comes a horizontal crosscut to create splinter-free scoring marks. Then, you mount the piece on a tenoning jig and make vertical cheek cuts to remove excess wood. The 60-tooth, #6 grind blade has a heavy plate with a 110/1,000" thickness to assist in accurate cheek cuts and a 10° hook to make it easier to feed into the saw. Its list price was $177 in 2011.

posted on June 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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