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Four Woodworking Blogs We Like
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Picking the woodworking blogs you like, and putting them together in a reader* (so that new posts are immediately visible to you) is fun. It's almost like putting together your own personalized woodworking magazine. Or more like your own woodworking newspaper, because with a bunch of different blogs, you might be getting new content every day.

I like different blogs for different reasons. I read some just because they're very informative. I enjoy others because they're funny, and some even just because I've become interested in the blogger and enjoy following his or her woodworking projects.

Buzz Saw has started a blogroll, which will point you toward other interesting blogs along the same lines as ours. We'll introduce our first four picks to you here today (in no particular order), along with links to some of our favorite recent posts from each blog.

The Wood Whisperer, by Marc Spagnolo
This is one you've likely already heard of, and might follow already. There's a great mix of everything here: humor, reader projects, expert advice, news, Q & A — you name it. It's definitely a "must-read". Here are a couple fun posts:

Failed Promotional Shots
Marc shows off some promotional out-takes
Frequent Woodworking Mistakes
Culled from Marc's social media fans and friends

The Village Carpenter, by Kari Hultman
Kari calls things as she sees them. She's an experienced woman's voice in the predominantly male world of woodworking. I don't mean in any way to imply that it's all about gender — not at all. Kari simply has a fresh and refreshing perspective on our favorite hobby that makes her blog a pleasure to read. (And I personally like her interest in historical tools and furniture making). A few recent favorite posts:

Channeling Dorothy Parker
On woodworking as a personal hobby.
Civil War Woodworking
Previews a historical woodworking book that will be out in September.
Men & Women: An Observation
The differences in the way men and women approach a new hobby.

The Renaissance Woodworker, by Shannon Rogers
It's fun to read along with Shannon's various woodworking projects! There's lots more, too: Here are two enjoyable postings that are mini-tours of Winterthur, the DuPont Estate in Delaware, focusing especially on the furniture collection and the woodworking shop.

18th Century Furniture Styles: A Trip to Winterthur
A Trip To The Winterthur Museum...

Sawdust on the Floor, by The Jersey Woodworker
Chock full of reviews, detailed tips and techniques, and projects, this is a good, basic woodworking blog that the hobbyist will enjoy. A couple recent good informational posts:

What Tools Should Be Included in a Complete Woodworking Shop?
Reclaimed Lumber

And be sure to subscribe to Buzz Saw, The Rockler Woodworking Blog, to stay up on all the latest articles, tips, tool previews and reviews, and more from Rockler! *If you're not up on what a "reader" is, or you don't understand RSS feeds, no worries. You can subscribe by e-mail in the box, upper right. But if you're up for learning something new, you can learn about the Google Reader here, and learn about RSS feeds here.

posted on June 12, 2009 by Kim Adams
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13 thoughts on “Four Woodworking Blogs We Like”

  • Marc Hall

    Thanks for the tips on the blogs. I regualarly vists the woodwhisperer. Marc Spagnola definately has a quirky sense of humor.
    I also visit Matts Basement workshop frequently. Althogh not a blog his podcasts are interesting.

  • Kim Adams

    We're thinking about starting a list of wordworking podcasts too! There are some really good ones out there!

  • Scottiebill

    I have included yur recommendations into my Bookmarks. However, everytime I go to Sawdust on the Floor, it stays for just a few seconds then the screen goes to the Ask.com page. I will delete the Sawdust blog until I get theAsk.com out of my computer for good.

  • Rockler Blog Team

    Scottiebill: That's odd; I just tried all four links to Sawdust on the Floor (including the links to the articles and the link in the sidebar), and got through just fine on each one.

    Try cutting and pasting this directly into your browser's address bar:

    Glad you're making use of the blogroll - we'll be adding more blogs soon!

  • JerseyWoodworker

    To all of you who have tried to get links to work to our site,
    www.sawdustonthefloor.com . We apologize. Our hosting
    company had major issues the day Rockler put us on their
    blogroll. Perfect timing!
    We are now back and are up and running. We are currently
    working on a series of posts about a 'dartboard' cover for
    our circuit breaker panel. Raised panels and a somewhat
    creative way of concealing a circuit breaker panel. Check it out!

    Thanks for your understanding,

    The JerseyWoodworker

  • Airshelves

    Thank you for the list of these Woodworking blogs, was very helpful.

  • Tree Removals

    This post is really very helpful for the new woodworker. Thanks for sharing this great information with us...

  • Daris

    Good List, but it appears that sawdust and renaissance are no longer active...?

  • Andy

    Thanks for the list, I already follow the woodwhisperer so always looking for new interesting blogs.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for posting this list. I love woodworking blogs and having a list like this is very helpful.

  • Jamie

    Useful resource for those interested in woodworking. I have been a fan of several of these experts. Discovering new people is always a joy.

  • Jane

    Meisel plans are not to clear on how to put it together. Husband has it all cut out just cannot figure it out how to rotate the boards. If you have something in video would be very helpful. He is trying to make a rotating shoe rack.

  • Dave Nicosia

    The Wood Whisperer is definitely a woodworking blog I regularly follow. Its worth following fun and witty. I also liked Shannon Rogers blog specially his woodworking projects.

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