Freud Saw Blade Line Include New Table Saw, Track Saw, and Dado Blades
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Freud saw blade collection Freud released a whole set of new saw blades in 2011, from table saw blades to dado sets and a few specialty blades as well.

The folks with the bright red blades have also been busy in the last year. For more traditional work, Freud rolled out new dado sets and thin-kerf blades in 2010, plus something a little out of the ordinary.

Woodworkers are well familiar with Freud’s dado sets in smaller sizes, but Freud’s new 10" and 12" sets — part of the company’s “Super Dado” series — promise higher capacity work with smooth results, featuring teeth with a negative hook that treats delicate and chip prone materials gently. Each set includes a half-dozen fourwing chipper blades (one of which is 3/32"), plus a set of shims. In 2011, the 10" set has 32 teeth on each of the outer blades and sold for $299, while the blades in the 12" set sport 26 teeth and went for $329. Both sets have a 1" arbor.

Freud’s new Thin-Kerf Premium Fusion blade, like its full-kerf cousin, features high-ATB teeth set at a steep 30° hook. The teeth are double side-ground for a smooth cut — essentially, the tooth sides are ground twice to create a faceted effect that polishes the cut surface as it spins. A nonstick coating completes the 40-tooth blade, which sold for about $80 in 2011.

Track saw blade Track saws have started to become more prevalent on the market, and Freud has expanded its blade line to include them.

Finally, Freud has embraced the appearance of a number of “track saws” over the last few years to offer blades specifically for these machines. These thin-kerf 160mm diameter blades (a bit more than 6") come in four versions: 48-tooth melamine/plywood, 48-tooth laminate flooring, 28-tooth general purpose, and 14-tooth ripping. Anti-vibration slots and a nonstick coating round out the blades in this series. Depending on style, the blades sell from $40 to $70 as of 2011.

posted on April 1, 2011 by AJ Hamler
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