Freud Premium Rail and Stile Bit Set for Kitchen Cabinet Door Routing
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Freud Premium Rail and Stile Bit Set Freud's Premium line of rail and stile bits make routing door panels and glass for cabinetry projects simple.

With our focus on one of woodworkers’ favorite tools, we are rah-rah for routers — and their accessories. For instance, if your project du jour (or, more likely, the month) is making new doors for your kitchen cabinets (or even a new screen door), Freud’s new Premium Rail and Stile Bit Set is available to work with a roundover profile, an ogee, a roundover bead or a bevel. It will accept material thicknesses from 5/8" to 1-1⁄4", through use of an adjustable groove. Adjustable shims also allow the bits to fit correctly on panels whether they’re thin or thick, while a unique cutter geometry eliminates tear-out.

Woodworkers can also choose whether to use long tenons or standard stub tenons in their joints — removing the top portion of the cutter (including bearing and spindle) is what produces the front of the long tenon profile. The Premium Rail and Stile Bit Set costs $99.99 in 2009; optional cutters for double-sided and glass doors are also available.

posted on December 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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