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Freud Tools FDW710K Doweling Joiner Converts to Boring Machine for Shelf Pin Cutting
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Freud FDW710K Doweling Joiner Freud's FDW710K doweling joiner adds extra versatility over other similar machines, doubling as a boring machine and for utilizing European hardware.

The FDW710K shown here is available for $329 as of 2010. Freud’s Doweling Joiner operates like a biscuit joiner, but it uses two boring bits to make holes a perfect 32mm apart. It provides a very fast and accurate way to dowel parts together and can also be used as a boring machine, such as for making shelf pin holes. The hole spacing also lends itself to installation of European hardware.

Cutting tenons on angled surfaces Freud's joiner can cut loose tenons in angled surfaces, something only a few of the other joiners on the market can do.

This machine comes with 1/4" bits. Additional bits are available, up to 1/2", for $8 or $28 each. While this machine doesn’t use the large loose tenons the other tools use, it does offer additional versatility as a boring tool. Keep an eye on this machine, as I’ve heard that some changes are on the way.

posted on June 1, 2010 by George Vondriska
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2 thoughts on “Freud Tools FDW710K Doweling Joiner Converts to Boring Machine for Shelf Pin Cutting”

  • Andre

    Is this product still available for sail.

  • Michael

    No not available any longer.
    Triton made almost the same thing.
    But think the patent was leased and it wasn't too popular.
    Some obscure Turkish company I believes owns the patent and like the domino jointer it's pricey.

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