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Freud Tools SD508 Dado Set Makes Good Workshop Cuts at a Decent Price
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Freud SD508 Dado Set 2011 Street price: $199.99
Chippers: 6 (1/16", four 1/8", 3/32")
Maximum cutting width: 29/32"
Outer blades: 24-tooth
Chipper style: Four-wing
Carbide: H01S; Hook angle: -12°

Time for a confession: I’ve been using a Freud SD508 for about eight years, and it’s never needed sharpening. It still cuts clean dadoes with flat bottoms consistently, so I had high expectations for this new set with its flashy chrome outer blades. And true to form, it did itself proud in testing. I gave it perfect scores for clean cuts in both maple and cedar; I had to search hard to find any evidence of chipping in melamine or splinters in oak ply; there were scant few.

Freud provides the undersized chipper, anti-kickback provisions behind each tooth and a decent case with plastic spacers to pad the blade parts. A street price just shy of two hundred bucks puts it right in the hunt group for median pricing. You won’t be disappointed with this blade. That’s my time-tested verdict — and something we cannot often attest to in these sorts of “point-in-time” tool reviews.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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