General Tools 75-030 Drill Press Adds Shop Safety Features and Value
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General International Drill Press Swing: 13-3⁄8"
HP/Amps: 1/2; 8
Speed Range (RPM): 280-3000
Table Size: 11-3⁄8" Dia.
Spindle Travel: 3-1⁄8"; Chuck: 5/8"
2011 Price: $299.99; Weight: 105 lbs.

General International’s 14" benchtop was a tall, smooth operator in testing. It showed excellent fit and finish in its castings and milling and has a silky feed action. The round table was slightly cupped in the center but locked solidly; so did the support arm to the machine’s rack-and-pinion column.

General International chuck key clip One feature of the General International 75-030 is an onboard clip for storing the chuck key, a feature the author thinks more tools should have.

General provides plentiful features: a 40-watt task light socket in the head, a clip to stow the chuck key (every press should have this!), 5/8" chuck and twin lasers to help zero in on centerpoints. Due to Canadian safety regulations, there’s a plastic guard around the chuck that flips up for bit changes. You also need to lift a hinged kill button to turn on the power.

General International 75-030 Chuck Guard The spring-loaded chuck guard on the 75-030, provides added safety for users and is not difficult to work around.

While I like the pair of tool-free collars that set drilling depth, they allowed the press to creep about 1/16" deeper over 100 holes during testing. The 75-030 seems a bit pricey at $299 as of 2011, but it was a sturdy and apt performer overall.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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