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Gift-able Deals on Metabo Drills
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metabo powermaxx drill driverTis’ the season to start whittling down that long, long, long holiday gift list. And if there’s a woodworker, DIYer, or power tool enthusiast on yours, you might want to take note of this: Right now, Rockler is offering great deals on two professional-class Metabo compact cordless drill/drivers.

While the name may be less familiar elsewhere, in Europe Metabo Corp. has been a leading power tool manufacturer for years. But the company is gaining a worldwide reputation quickly for designing exceptionally durable and well-engineered power tools. Among the most lauded are two compact and powerful cordless drill/drivers: the PowerMaxx Plus and the more recently introduced lithium ion powered Powergrip II. For both of these two drill/drivers the defining feature is guts in a small package. Going a long way toward breaking the longstanding power/maneuverability dichotomy in cordless drill / drivers, both offer performance suitable for professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers in a tool that literally fits in your front pocket.

A couple of years ago, the PowerMaxx Plus entered the market as the most compact, lightweight drill/driver in its class. At only 5-3/4" long and weighing a mere 1-1/2 lbs., it’s easy to handle, hold up, and maneuver in tight spaces. Powered by a long-lasting 4.8 volt Ni-Cad battery, the PowerMaxx delivers 80 In-lbs. max torque, and features a 2-speed gearbox, 20-level clutch and a standard-equipment 360 degree angle attachment for even greater flexibility. If you’ve ever struggled to cram yourself into a cabinet opening or other tight space wielding a whopping 18 volt “full-sized” cordless, you’ll understand why cabinet installers everywhere quickly jumped on the new, more compact design.

More recently, Metabo introduced the Powergrip II, and joined numerous other cordless tool manufacturers in taking advantage of recent advances in lithium-ion battery technology. Following the basic PowerMaxx design almost exactly, the Powergrip offers twice the power of its predecessor simply by virtue of its more advanced power system. But there’s more to it than that:  Besides a superior power-to-weight ratio, lithium-ion batteries offer several advantages over Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries, including twice the number of battery life cycles, greatly decreased self-discharge when stored, less power drop-off toward the end of the cycle, and best of all, no discharge “memory”, meaning that the batteries don’t have to be run down to nothing periodically for conditioning.

Whether you’re buying a drill/driver for yourself or your favorite woodworker, either the PowerMaxx or the Powergrip will give you more than adequate power, enough stored capacity that you won’t frequently run out of juice with one battery while the other one is still on the charger, and an especially user-friendly, ergonomically advanced drilling / driving experience.

metabo powergrip drill driverAt the regular retail price, the PowerMaxx Plus is a worthy investment, and will serve all but the most demanding users perfectly well. Right now, the PowerMaxx is featured on the Rockler Website as one of our “Two Day Deals” at half off – a very uncommon opportunity. On the other hand, f you - or that special woodworker on your list - needs the added power and longevity provided by state of the art Li-Ion technology, don’t despair. You’ll find a very attractive deal on the Metabo Powergrip II right now as well.

posted on November 22, 2007 by Rockler
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