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Gripsharp Pencil Holder and Sharpener Shaves Pencil Wood Not Lead
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GripSharp pencil holder and sharpener GripSharp's pencil holder and sharpener gives you a comfortable grip on the pencil along with a sharpener to keep it in use.

If you’re making note of the amount of nails you’ll need, or taking any other shop calculations, you’re likely using a pencil. The GripSharp™ helps you hold on to that pencil — and to sharpen it. It’s a combination pencil grip and leave-on pencil sharpener: twisting the wide-barrel design sharpens the pencil, removing only the wood, not the lead, to create a stronger, thicker point and extend pencil life. It’s available in several colors, each of which sold for $2.89 in 2010.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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