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Grizzly Tools T10010 Grinder Offers Best Value Grindstone
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Grizzly T10010 Grinder and Sharpener Grizzly's T10010 grinder offers the best overall value of any of the wet sharpeners tested by our expert.

The Grizzly T10010 lacks the refinement of the Tormek and the JET — no fine adjuster on the support arm, no carry handle, noisier motor and thinner leather on the stropping wheel. The basic package doesn’t include the grader and truing tool, and the one supplied jig is cheesy.

What do I mean by cheesy? The jig has no shoulder against which to square the tool, and you lack a surface against which you can register a square because the jaw’s widths are different. Try as I might, I couldn’t get a cutting edge that was square to the edge of chisels and plane irons.

Square edge shoulder sharpened improperly Grizzly's grinder, as well as many other wet grinder, don't sharpen tools perfectly square, often leaving one of the corners short.

All that said, it’s still a solid machine. Here’s why. The grindstone was true and cut well. I could slow it some but not stall it. The housing encloses the motor on the ends as well as the front and back, for better protection from water. The paddle style switch with lockout is the best of the quartet.

Best of all, it’s a bargain for $170, as of 2008. Given the savings, you probably can find a fix for the deficient straightedge jig and for the accessories missing from the basic package.

posted on August 1, 2008 by Bill Hylton
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