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Guest Blogger Renaissance Woodworker on the Dust Right System
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It's always interesting to mix things up a little bit, and with that in mind we thought we'd begin offering up some posts from guest bloggers!

First up: Shannon Rogers, of Rogers' Fine Woodworking. Shannon blogs as The Renaissance Woodworker and is well known to the woodworking community on Twitter as RenaissanceWW.

Shannon has submitted his post in the form of a video review of the Rockler Dust Right system, and it's a good overview of many of the features of our integrated dust collection system. Take it away, Shannon!

Check out the Rockler Dust Right Integrated Dust Collection System for dust collection done right! It's really a new way of looking at dust collection, and another great Rockler Innovation.

Thanks, Shannon Rogers, for guest posting today. Look forward to more guest posters in the upcoming weeks here on Buzz Saw!

posted on October 16, 2009 by Kim Adams
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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Renaissance Woodworker on the Dust Right System”

  • Jack Wilson

    I just recieved and installed the new Dust Right 4" swivel. It is great. However It would be even more useful to have a swivel fitting that
    would fit on the end of my 2 1/2" hose that my floor wand and other cleaning tools fit onto. What do you think Rockler fans?

  • RocklerBlogTeam

    Hey Jack - we agree with you! In fact, our new 2-1/2' swivel is due in our distribution center three weeks from today! Be on the lookout for it to be online and in stores in about a month.

  • Mitch

    You should have touched on the collapsable hose idea that they feature at Rockler for this Dust Right™ system. this is what makes it so useful especially in a small shop. The hose collapses and takes up 1/7th of its length when stored. An optional magnetic storage accessory mounts on the wall to neatly store your collapsed hose.

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