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Handscrew-tightened Bar Clamps Provide Every Day Shop Use in Adjustable Double-Headed and Single-Head Models
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Hand screwed bar clamps Hand screw bar clamps come in both single and double headed varieties and tighten up with enough clamping power for everyday woodworking tasks.

True woodshop workhorses, handscrew-tightened bar clamps are useful for all manner of clamping in the shop and on the jobsite. With an adjustable lower jaw that slides on a bar, these clamps are tightened with a wood-, plastic- or rubber-coated-handled handscrew that can generate impressive force. Hand screw bar clamps come in many different bar sizes and lengths. For versatility, it’s best to invest in clamps in several sizes (for example, several each of 8- to 12-in., 16- to 18-in. and 24-in.-long clamps). For thick, heavy clamping, choose clamps with a deep reach, like Bessey’s Tradesman series. Unlike the narrow fixed jaw on most handscrew clamps, the twin padded jaws on JET’s “DoubleHeader” clamps distribute pressure more evenly, making them very handy for gluing edge strips and moldings.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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