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Happy National Woodworking Month!
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National Woodworking MonthApril is National Woodworking Month, and to celebrate, we'll be spending the month revamping our blog! We want the blog to be all about woodworkers and the joys of woodworking. Changes will be gradual throughout April, but you'll be seeing things like interviews, polls, games and contests, featured woodworkers, and all the latest "buzz" on our favorite hobby: Woodworking!

If you're not already subscribed to our blog, you can subscribe via e-mail or RSS feed using the buttons at right-- that way you can keep up on all the fun changes as they happen. Rockler also has a growing fanbase on a couple of social media sites you might be familiar with: Twitter and Facebook. We'd be thrilled to have you join us on one or both! Fans/Followers get daily short updates, exclusive deals, and all the very latest from Rockler. If you want to know more about Twitter click here, or Facebook click here. Stick around for all the fun-- we look forward to having you visit more often. Be sure to leave any comments you might have. We always enjoy hearing from our customers. Happy National Woodworking Month! What will you create?

posted on April 3, 2009 by Kim Adams
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