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How to Use Hockey Pucks to Make Adjustable Feet for a Workbench Tool Stand
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Hockey puck workbench adjustable feet A hockey puck with a bolt drilled through it can work well as an easy to make, but sturdy foot for your workbenches or other projects.

I build most of my benchtop tool stands and was searching for a source of sturdy adjustable feet. It occurred to me that hockey pucks would be an inexpensive way to make them myself. The rubber is very tough, and it band saws easily. I cut two 1-1⁄2"-diameter feet from each puck and drill a bolt hole about three-quarters of the way through them. Then, I install a length of threaded rod in the hole with epoxy. Add a washer and nut to complete a pair of very rugged feet.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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