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How to Make a Home-Made Magnetic Hook Rule with a Standard Metal Rule
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Home-made Hook Rule Putting a rare earth magnet at a 90 degree on the end of a metal rule, creates a nice hook rule without having to buy another whole tool.

A hook rule is useful for woodworking, but instead of spending the extra money to buy one, I make mine with shop supplies instead. I use a couple of rare-earth magnets to turn conventional rules into hook rules. On thicker steel rules, just snap a large magnet right to the end, as shown in the photo here. It forms a perfect 90° “hook” to align the end of the rule precisely with the end of a workpiece. For thinner rules, place the magnet on the rule’s face so a portion of it extends past the rule’s end. Then affix a smaller magnet or even a machine nut under the larger one in the overhang area. Push the smaller magnet against the rule’s end to form the hook.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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