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Incra Build-It Components - Jig Making with a Head Start
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U-build SystemOver the years, the tool designers at Rockler have expended considerable time and energy developing ready-to-use jigs for all sorts of common woodworking tasks. And it’s worked out pretty well for woodworkers who prefer to spend their shop-time actually working on their projects - instead of jigging up to work on them. Tools like the Rail Coping Jig, the recently introduced Table Saw Crosscut Sled, Rockler Table Featherboards, the Table Saw Cove Cutting Jig, the STS Slot Mortiser (no longer available), the Rockler Ellipse/Circle Jig, the Thin Rip Table Saw Jig, and the Jig-IT Mortising System (to name just a few) all arrive ready for work, tested for accuracy and reliability, and at a price that’s conceivably less than you’d pay for the materials and hardware necessary to build it yourself.

But that’s not to say we’re opposed to shop-built accessories. For some people, building a really handy jig is half the fun. And for that reason, we’re pleased to also supply some of the most useful jig building supplies and hardware available. From jig handles and knobs to the ever-popular Rockler T-Track and T-Track Hold-Down Clamps, we take satisfaction from the knowledge that we’ve supplied components for countless shop-made jigs and fixtures designed for an endless variety of specialized tasks.

Now, we’ve taken the next logical step and added a “middle ground” solution, designed for woodworkers who enjoy building their own power tool accessory gadgets, but don’t have the time, tools or desire to make each and every jig part themselves.  Teaming up once again with Incra Tools, Rockler is proud to offer a bridge between the convenience of store-bought jigs and fixtures and the satisfaction of building it yourself in the Incra Build-It System. With Build-It system’s components, you can start any of a countless number jig building projects with the most demanding parts in hand, ready to bolt together and customize to your heart’s content.

Think of it as the Legos of jig and fixture making. The Build-It System is a collection of accurately machined, interchangeable wood and metal parts that represent the most often-used and universal power tool jig and fixture components. Each of the system components is designed to handle a jig-making requirement that comes up over and over again, regardless of the tool or specific task. Here, in a nutshell, is how the system works:

Incra’s Miter Slider Bar – already in use in countless shop made jigs and fixtures – serves as the interface between the jig and the tool. The Miter Slider fits in a standard miter track and can be used in one of two ways. For jigs that travel – such as a crosscutting sled or a tenoning jig – the Miter Slider makes an excellent guide bar.  Miter Sliders are predrilled and tapped for quick, easy attachment to a jig platform or other device, and can be adjusted for a no-slop miter track fit with the turn of a couple of screws. Turning the adjustment mechanism a little past snug locks the Miter Slider in position, making the Miter Slider useful for everything from holding feather boards in place to securing a cut-off receiving platform on the outboard side of a table saw blade.

Build-It System panels come in two widths and serve as that main “body” of the jig. Made from ½” melamine coated MDF, the 15-1/2” long panels are dimensionally stable and provide a low friction surface for effortless travel across a tool’s surface. The larger sized platform is predrilled with screw holes laid out to match the attachment points of both of the 18” and 24” Miter Slider. Rows of screw hole are laid out across the width of the platform, offering five options for positioning the platform in relation to the miter slot.

The Platforms are notched and drilled to fit the system’s T-Slot Panel Connectors. A clever bit of design, the panel connectors provide both an easy system for connecting panels in various combinations and attachment points for common top-of-the-jig components. With a couple of Build-It T-bolts and knobs, you can attach anything from the Build-It hold down-clamps and right angle brackets, to just about any custom designed fixture imaginable.

build-It system componentsIf you appreciate the help of a highly specialized jig, but don’t relish all of the planning, measuring, sawing, drilling and machining that goes along with making the most common and universal jig parts, you’ll love the Build-It System. They let you arrange and rearrange the basic set-up for dozens of common jigs in a matter of minutes, and at the same time, make it easy to add a few custom touches in preparation for a specific task. For many jig and fixture devotees, in other words, the Incra Build-It System will add up to the best of both worlds: effective specialized jigs - fast.

posted on January 4, 2008 by Rockler
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