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Infinity Dadonator Dado Blade Cuts Plywood, Melamine with Clean Cuts
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Infinity Dado Set 2011 Street price: $199.90
Chippers: 6 (1/16", four 1/8", 3/32")
Maximum cutting width: 29/32"
Outer blades: 24-tooth
Chipper style: Six-wing
Carbide: C4; Hook angle: -5°

Speaking of impressive dado blades, seven years ago when I last tested stacked sets, Infinity didn’t even offer dado blades. Even so, click on the company’s website and you’ll see the accolades this blade has earned in under a decade. I can concur with those votes of confidence, based on my testing. The Dadonator’s six wing chippers (more chipper teeth than any other blade here) made easy work of cross-grain cuts in cedar. In spite of all of those teeth, it earned a perfect score for cutting smoothness in maple. Melamine and oak ply were sliced cleanly, too, with just a tiny chip or splinter here or there over about 100 lineal feet of cuts.

I like Infinity’s thoughtful labeling of those chippers: each is laser etched with its thickness — very helpful. An undersized chipper and a set of color-coded shims round out the package. A sub-$200 pricetag should add this blade to your short list when you’re ready to buy. Only one gripe: it would be nice if it came with the wooden case Infinity sells separately for $20 as of 2011. This would be icing on the cake.

posted on August 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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