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Is Veneering Just for Experts?
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Are complex veneering projects strictly the territory of expert woodworkers? A couple of days ago, Steve in Torrance CA provided us with a pretty convincing answer to that question. The photos you see on the right and below are shots of Steve's second-ever veneering project, and we think it looks fantastic. Along with the photos, Steve sent praise for the staff at the Torrance Rockler store, who went out of their way help him get started:

I am new to wood working. I stumbled upon your retail store in Torrance California by chance and went in out of curiosity. The staff was fantastic.

Not only did they give me great advice but they made my first two veneering projects a lot of fun. I knew that a veneered art deco coffee table was probably a more ambitious project than I was prepared for but Dave (@ the Torrance Rockler store) encouraged me to try it and just take it slow. He advised "There are about 30 different ways to veneer and none of them works every time" so I was prepared for an adventure.


During the several months of design and construction I took full advantage of the Rockler crew's experience on techniques, tools and materials. They were always patient, willing to help and were my support system to work through the challenges.

Take a look at the attached photos. I was very pleased with the results. I have had so many compliments on this piece that I wanted to make sure the Rockler team (especially Dave and Holly) got the credit they deserve.

Art Deco Coffee Table built with:

*                    Rockler Tools

*                    Rockler Materials

*                    Rockler advice

Thanks again,


Torrance, CA


As Steve mentioned, the veneering tools and supplies along with the veneer used in the project (an impressive list including tiger anigre, makore, sapele pommele, flame mahogany, and walnut burl) are all available at Rockler, as is the advice that helps woodworkers across the country turn out first-rate projects, like the one you see here.

posted on August 11, 2006 by Rockler
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