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JessEm Zip Slot Mortise and Pocket Mills Combine with Drill Press to Cut Joints
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JessEm Zip Slot and Pocket Mortise Mills JessEm's Zip Slot Mortise Mill and Pocket joinery systems come equipped to make mortises between 1/4" and 3/8".

As of 2010, the Zip Slot Mortise Mill runs about $250, and the Pocket Zip Slot Mortise Mill is about $100. The Pocket Zip Slot comes set up to make 1/4" mortises, while the Zip Slot is set up to make 3/8" mortises. Bushing and drill bit sets for 1/4" and 1/2" mortises are available for the large mill, at $25 and $33 each. The Pocket Zip is limited to 1/4" mortises.

Cutting mortises with a JessEm mill and drill press In both JessEm slot mills, run a drill through the mortising slot and move the handle back and forth to make the cut.

Setting the mortise position relative to a face is easy with both jigs. The Pocket maxes out at 1" from the face to the center of the mortise; the large mill at 2". When using the Pocket Zip, you set the jig to a layout line to position it on your work. The larger Zip includes a built-in ruler and stop system that makes repeatability much easier.

You can move the handle to each extreme of its travel and simply drill a hole, using either Zip Slot jig as doweling jigs, which works well. The drilling process is slow compared to biscuit joiners, Freud, and Festool.

posted on June 1, 2010 by George Vondriska
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  • Nicholas

    Interested in JessEm Zip Slot Mortise and bits. Still available. If so where. To Japan. Thank you.

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