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JET JDP-12 Drill Press with Lighting and a Solid Table Casing but a Poor Motor
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JET drill press Table Size: 9-1⁄2" x 9-1⁄2"
Spindle Travel: 3-1⁄8"; Chuck: 5/8"
2011 Price: $339; Weight: 88 lbs.

The upsides to this JET are its truckload of standard items: continuous variable speed; digital readout to track bit rpm; 5/8" chuck; crisp laser crosshairs powered by the tool — no batteries; and a table roller that extends horizontal support to a generous 16-1⁄2". The table casing is even easier to clamp to, thanks to a 1-1⁄8" flat area around the rim. A screw-in LED tasklight is also supplied. All pluses.

Jet Tools bit speed display This handy digital readout lets you know what speed the bits are spinning at on the Jet drill press.

On the flip side, a few little annoyances got in the way. Most of the handle caps were prone to falling off. The depth stop collars turned roughly on extra flashing. And its 1/3-hp motor came close to stalling several times in spade bit testing.

Jet tools shiv pulleys The speed of the bits is changed by these shiv style pulleys that open and close to set the speed of the spindle.

More horsepower would add value to the top end price here and make this tool’s many virtues outshine a couple of minor quirks.

posted on February 1, 2011 by Chris Marshall
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