Laguna Tools Dovetail Cabinet Saw Adds a Nice Miter Gauge and a Dovetail Motion Arbor
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Laguna Platinum Dovetail Cabinet Saw Rip Capacity: 50"R, 12"L
Depth of Cut: 3-1⁄8" (90°); 2-1⁄8" (45°)
Table: 27"W x 40"L
Weight: 414 lbs
2010 Street Price: $1,995

Nope, this cabinet saw won’t cut dovetails, but its thick cast-iron arbor assembly does move up and down smoothly on dovetail ways. It’s an unconventional design that delivers fluid blade movement and a rugged arbor platform.

Dovetail-shaped arbor assembly Laguna's Dovetail saw gets its name from it's dovetail shaped arbor assembly movement, not its ability to cut dovetails.

Laguna provides a split guard fixed to a riving knife. It locks in place with a bolt; a quick-release mechanism would make switchouts a bit faster and easier here.

The fence system, bevel tilt scale and pointer on this saw resemble the components on Grizzly’s G0691, with the same mixed bag of issues for me. The saw also has a handy cabinet cleanout door.

Cutting performance was good for this machine, but dust collection was not. I removed 39 handfuls of dust from the cabinet after cutting.

Laguna cabinet saw miter gauge One nice addition to Laguna's cabinet saw is the flip-stop miter gauge, which includes a long T-slot fence and bar adjusters for precise cutting.

One standout feature of the Dovetail Saw is an improved miter gauge: it comes with a long T-slot fence, bar adjusters and a flipstop for repetitive cuts. Very nice! The saw also includes a dadoing throatplate — a standard item not packed with every saw. But, all things considered, this Dovetail Saw seems a little overpriced to me.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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