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Learn Woodturning at Rockler
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Wood bowl and plate

It's easy to get started woodturning, but it can take a little practice before you get really good. One way to smooth out the learning curve is to take a  turning class or attend a demonstration. You'll see first hand how accomplished woodturners approach a project and learn skills that could take years to pick up using the tiral and error method.  Right now is a good time to get started - Rockler has a number of turning classes and demos coming up at Rockler retail stores across the country.

Rockler in-store demos happen every Saturday and are free and open to the public, and the classes are worth every penny. You'll get individualized instruction from veteran woodturners that will help you get the basics down or pick up a new skill or technique. Here's a rundown on a few of the woodturning demos and classes at Rockler retail stores across the country:

If you're in the Denver area, and you'd like to learn to make artfully crafted lidded vessels like the one you see here, sign up for Cindy Drozda's Hollow Vessels class, beginning November 12 at the Denver Rockler.

If you're near the Twin Cities, there's a Yo-Yo Turning class on November 12 that looks like a lot of fun at the Minneapolis Rockler. As an added incentive, if you buy a lathe while you're there, the class is free.

For those of you in the Mesquite, Texas area, there's a Basic Spindle Turning class with Wayne Bounds on November 14 at the Mesquite Rockler. This class is a great way for someone who's relatively new to woodturning to get acquainted with the fundamentals of the craft.

The Holiday season is upon us - (It's upon woodworkers with holiday projects ahead of them, especially).  To help you get started, there are ornament turning classes and/or demos scheduled for the very near future in Pittsburgh, Salem, NH, and Buffalo, NY.  And to get started on a couple of great holiday gifts, brush up on pen turning at the Arlington,TX, Orange, CA or St. Louis Rockler, or try bottle stopper turning in Schaumberg, IL or Greensboro, NC.

That's just a sample, and they're coming up quick, so if it's a class you're interested in, be sure to get registered soon.  If we didn't mention your neck of the woods, check our Store Location Map for a Rockler store in your area.  You'll find more information on upcoming Rockler classes and demos on individual store home pages.

posted on November 8, 2006 by Rockler
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2 thoughts on “Learn Woodturning at Rockler”

  • Francois

    I started myself by taking a turning class with a professionnal woodturner a couple of years ago. The real challenge for me is to try to find time to practice on a regular basis to progress further in this very exciting yet challenging art.

  • Blog Editor

    Thanks for the comment. Finding time to spend in the shop is a challenge shared by many woodworkers. We've heard that turning is a good choice for those on a tight schedule because the start-to-finish project time is relatively short. Did that figure in your decision to pursue turning?

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