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Lever-action Cam Clamps Are Fast Acting for Lamination and General Clamping Jobs
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Lever-action cam action clamp Lever-action cam clamps are easy to set up and tighten, letting you hold down parts quickly for machining and glue-ups.

Like traditional instrument maker’s cam clamps, lever-action clamps are quick and easy to tighten via their lever-activated cam lock. A good choice for general clamping duties around the shop, lever-action clamps are great for lamination work and big glue-ups where lots of clamps need to be installed quickly, before the adhesive sets. Jorgensen Gear Clamps and Lever Clamps, as well as Bessey KlicKlamps, all feature a long tightening lever: the farther you pull it, the tighter the clamp gets. The lever on Lee Valley’s aluminum assembly clamps simply clicks down to tighten; a small adjustment knob adjusts the clamping pressure.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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