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LumberJocks Winter 2010 Woodworking Award Winners Announced
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Rockler was the proud sponsor of the Winter 2010 LumberJocks' Woodworking Awards, and the winners were announced today! LJ had a record-breaking 151 entrants for this season's challenge which was "Yin Yang, The Dark and the Light". The idea was to create a project that used color (dark and light) "to convey how contrasts work together to make the whole". Imagine 151 variations on this theme! Completing and submitting an entry for this contest was a huge accomplishment, and we congratulate all the entrants on their efforts!

The voting was done by the LumberJocks themselves. Anyone who had ever posted a project on the site was eligible to vote, and the four top vote-getters won prizes from Rockler.

Click for details: Yin Yang Earthquake BoxFirst prize, by a fairly wide margin, went to LumberJock owenusa. His project, and the inspiration and story behind it will warm your heart. We won't attempt to re-tell the story of the "Earthquake Box" that won the LJ contest, save that it represents the earthquake that happened in Haiti, and what is happening in Haiti post-quake. You need to click over to LumberJocks and read it in the artist's own words. It's an inspiring story, a fabulous concept, and a truly inspired piece of work. Our hearty congratulations to owenusa on a well-deserved win!

Click for details: Yin & Yang Display Table Second place went to LumberJock Rj for his sensational piece "Yin Yang Display Table". Rj really got into the spirit of the assignment, explaining how the very bottom body and legs is the Yin section of the project ("Yin [being] dark, passive, downward, etc.") and the lighter round maple face being the Yang ("Yang [being] bright, active, upward, hot, expanding, and strong"). The Yin and Yang hold the gorgeous red maple table top. Beautiful job!

Click for details: Eye CandyThe third place winner is a whimsical box called "Eye Candy". Its creator is LumberJock Andy, who explains how he had been keeping exotic cutoffs, waiting for inspiration, which he found in the fun atmosphere of Disney World! And it is a fun piece - incredibly detailed and fanciful!

Click for details: TWISTED DOUGHNUT

LumberJack Sam Shakouri took fourth place with his "Twisted Doughnut". For an explanation of how this amazing piece was made, Sam directs you to his website, where his bio reads "Sam is a prolific woodturner who enjoys exploring the unusual." That would be an understatement! Apparently he is best known for turning a soccer ball! His "Twisted Doughnut" is made of 144 pieces of walnut and 144 pieces of silver ash.

Four very talented woodworkers! As Martin Sojka, founder of LumberJocks, told us today, "LumberJocks proved once again that they are the most creative group of woodworkers on the Internet with the record-breaking 151 entries in the Yin-Yang category." We agree that LJ is a great site for showing off your woodworking creativity! And the LJ community is awesome in its support and encouragement for fellow woodworkers. Well done, LumberJocks! Congratulations from Rockler!

posted on February 8, 2010 by Kim Adams
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