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Magswitch - A Magnet You can Turn On and Off
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If you're one of the many faithful Rockler customers who love dreaming up and making jigs almost as much as actually using them, you're going to love this: Now there's a magnet strong enough to hold your clever contraptions down on any ferrous metal surface that you can turn on and off with the twist of a knob. What does this mean for jig enthusiasts? You can give up your one-handed clamping technique and never again struggle to get your latest jigging triumph fastened down to surface of your table saw or other steel surface.

Welcome the Magswitch Magnetic Jig.  Magswitch technology lets you use a switchable magnetic field to hold jigs in place, and for an almost endless variety of other applications. With the turn of a knob you can turn the magnetic force off to easily move or remove whatever it is you're holding down. And when you turn the knob the other direction, the powerful rare earth magnets hold your jig down with plenty of force: The 20mm and 30mm sizes are rated at a tensile breakaway of 95 lbs. and 155 lbs. respectively.

The Magswitch Magnetic Jig is specifically designed for easy use with shop-built jigs. You drill a hole the same size as the body of the jig in any 3/4" material, drop the Magswitch Jigs into the hole (using 3/4' material positions the magnets flush with the bottom surface of your jig) use the mounting holes to screw the Magswitch down to your jig, and you're done. The straightforward design makes it easy to move the Magswitch jig from application to application, so you can do a lot with just a couple of them.  But you'll find so many uses for these remarkable gadgets, you won't want to stop there.

posted on November 17, 2006 by Rockler
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2 thoughts on “Magswitch - A Magnet You can Turn On and Off”

  • Rodolfo Labayen
    Rodolfo Labayen March 8, 2016 at 5:38 am

    inquiring about a light weighted switch for your switchable magnets if available or you can custom build for my requirement. Thanks

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