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Magswitch Magnetic Featherboards
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A couple of days ago, we introduced what we think is one of the most exciting developments in the world of jigs in a long time: the Magswitch Magnetic Jig. The Magswitch jig is a compact, easy to install fixture designed to be used in conjunction with a shop-built jig. The remarkable thing about this powerful, jig-holding magnet is the fact that you can turn it on and off with the turn of a knob. This patented technology means that you can quickly and easily affix a wide variety of shop-built jigs to any ferrous metal surface, thus sidestepping the awkward, and often frustrating one-handed clamping ritual that's usually involved.

If you've been woodworking for a while, the first word that popped into your mind when you heard about this remarkable gadget was, in all likelihood, "featherboard".   The folks at Magswitch are way ahead of you: The Magswitch Magnetic Table Saw Featherboard and the Magswitch Magnetic Fence Featherboard combine the Magswitch's switchable magnetic holding power with one of the most often used jigs in woodworking.

Magswitch magnetic featherboards permanently solve a couple of longstanding featherboard problems. One springs from the fact that you frequently have to move this type of jig: It's pretty rare when you need to leave a featherboard in one spot for a long time. And moving it usually means an ungainly exercise in which you hold the featherboard in the correct position with one hand while trying with varying degrees of success to get it securely clamped to the surface of the tool with the other. The Magswitch fingertip controls make them easy to secure with your one free hand.

Another common problem is that it's often a challenge to find something to clamp a featherboard to.  If you need to clamp a featherboard anywhere near the center of a table saw bed, to take a common example, you most often need to make a "custom" featherboard that's long enough to reach the clampable edge of your saw.  With the Magswitch Magnetic Table Saw Featherboard you can easily position this often necessary helping hand anywhere on the surface of the tool - in a matter of seconds.

The Magswitch Magnetic Fence Featherboard operates on the same principle, except that its low profile makes it perfect for tools with metal fences, like a jointer, or for tools with a small bed, like a band saw.  Between the two, these two remarkable jigs make featherboard set up on just about any ferrous metal surface a snap.

posted on November 22, 2006 by Rockler
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