Magswitch T-Handle Magnetic Work Holding Square
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By now you may have heard about Magswitch magnetic hold-down devices. A while back we introduced the Magswitch Magnetic Jig - a handy magnetic device designed to hold shop-built jigs down to any ferrous metal surface. A while later we pointed out a logical advance on the original idea: Magswitch Magnetic Featherboards, which have the obvious advantage over other featherboard "systems” of being easy to position and affix anywhere on the surface of a table saw, band saw, drill press or other tool. And here's yet another Magswitch triumph: The Magswitch T-Handle Magnetic Work Holding Square.

Just like the other Magswitch tools, the work holding square employs a remarkable "switchable" magnetic field technology - with a turn of the T-handle you can turn the magnetic field on and off. With the field off, you can easily position the square anywhere on a ferrous metal surface, and when you turn it on, the powerful rare earth magnet inside of it will hold a jig or fence in place with a breakaway strength of 120 lbs.

The Magswitch T-Handle Magnetic Work Holding Square has a few qualities that set it apart from the other Magswitch devices. As the name implies, its body is square, and when attached, its sides are accurately perpendicular to the work-surface. Each vertical surface of the work holding square is drilled with two pre-tapped machine screw holes for easy attachment of a variety of jigs and fixtures. That makes the Magswitch Work Holding Square perfect for supporting auxiliary fences, squaring corners, or holding a jig or fixture that needs to be positioned at 90 degrees to a tool surface.

Best of all - and just like the Magswitch Magnetic Jig and Magnetic Featherboards - the Magswitch T-Handle Magnetic Work Holding Square helps cut down on the awkward one-handed clamping operations that often accompany jigging-up, and eliminates the need to modify jigs and fixtures to make them more "clampable" to a given tool. In other words, all of the Magswitch devices help you realize something we all strive for (but don't always acheive) when we use specialized jigs and fixtures - fast, accurate and hassle-free set up.

posted on December 29, 2006 by Rockler
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