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Making Wooden Fishing Lures by Rich Rousseau Offers Shop and Fishing Tips
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"Making Wooden Fishing Lures" book by Rich Rousseau "Making Wooden Fishing Lures" gives you plans for 11 lures, along with tips on what paints to use and fishing advice from Rich Rousseau.

If spring has sprung, it’s possible, just possible, that you have hobbies that may sometimes take you outside the shop. If one of those hobbies is fishing, you may find it fun to combine your two interests with the new book from Fox Chapel Publishing, Making Wooden Fishing Lures by Rich Rousseau. The book (ISBN #978978-1-56523-446-8) includes plans for 11 lures (surface, floating/diving and sinking), plus info on wood and paint selection, and attracting certain species of fish. It’s also sprinkled with “fishy facts” — such as, for instance, that most fish can spot blue and purple lures in deep water. The book’s priced at $19.95 as of 2010.

posted on June 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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