MicroFence MicroStop Adds Stop to Table Saw, Band Saw and Router Table
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MicroFence MicroStop Portable Stop Micro Fence's portable MicroStop works with most table saws, band saws, router tables and whatever you might need a workpiece stop on in your shop.

Although you never want to stop woodworking, sometimes you need a stop on your tools. MicroFence’s new MicroStop is designed as a portable stop or adjusting mechanism that will work on nearly any woodworking machine. Although designed specifically for use with table saw cross slides, it also functions with chop boxes, band saws, shapers, router tables and more (sometimes with accessories to increase the reach of the anvil). The basic MicroStop sits on an aluminum plate machined square (which is predrilled for mounting to your table’s surface). Packaged with 3" shafts that allow 1-1⁄4" of anvil movement with up to 1" of micrometer travel the MicroStop is available for $129.95, as of 2010.

posted on June 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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