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The Milwaukee Unveils M12 Jig Saw in 2011 with Maximum Control
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 Milwaukee 2445-21 M12 Jig Saw Milwaukee's M12 Jig Saw comes equipped with a compact Hybrid Grip™, Quik-Lok™ T-shank blade clamp and an LED worklight.

The Milwaukee 2445-21 M12™ Jig Saw unveiled this summer is neither a top handle nor a barrel-grip saw — instead, it combines the best features from both to create a compact Hybrid Grip™ with maximum control. The compact saw is 83⁄4" long and 7" high (with a 45 degree bevel). The unit has a 3/4" stroke and 2,800 spm with a variable speed trigger, a Quik-Lok™ T-shank blade clamp for quick and accurate blade insertion and release and an LED light. Suggested price was $149 as of 2011.

posted on December 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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