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Miter, Corner and Angle Clamps Assemble and Glue Frame and Corner Joints
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Miter clamping hardware Miter clamps are made for aligning and clamping miter joints, but they work just as well for fitting any corner joints.

Also called corner or angle clamps, miter clamps are specifically designed to press mitered or butted corners together and keep them aligned during gluing and/or fastening. The MLCS Can-Do and Pony Rapid Acting Miter Clamp are like small vises that form 90° corners, even with members of different thicknesses. To quickly clamp all four corners of a picture frame, chair frame, shadowbox, etc. at once, choose a frame clamp, such as the Veritas 4-Way Speed Clamp or Woodpecker’s production-oriented Square, Wedge and Toggle Clamping Set.

For clamping non-square corners, Bessey’s MCX miter angle clamps attach to frame or carcass members, then regular bar clamps are used to clamp corners at a variety of angles. Bessey’s Irregular Clamp Set allows even more versatile angle clamping jobs, such as fastening a down-angled stair railing to a newel post.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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