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Mmmm... Cookies! Bench Cookie Work Grippers are here!(Part 1)
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If you haven't heard about Rockler Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers yet, well, I hate to say "Where have you been?" but... where have you been? Bench Cookie? Work Grippers are the hottest new accessory to hit the workshop since - I don't know when!

Bench Cookie Work Grippers are unique hockey-puck-sized non-slip discs that grip and elevate projects, holding them in place -- without clamps -- for safe and easy routing, sanding, finishing and more. Steve Krohmer, Rockler's Vice President of Product Development explains, "They keep your project from slipping; they give you complete access to its edges; they're completely non-marring and require virtually zero set up."

Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers were "the biggest news" at the AWFS Show in Las Vegas last month, according to Fine Woodworking, and have had nothing but favorable write-ups all over the web since then. Haven't seen the reviews yet? Allow me to quote from a few! Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer: "Bench Cookies are AWESOME!" [Talking about a video test where he tried to shake a board off some Bench Cookies]: "That table would've fallen over before the board came off. Very cool!" - and - "It's not often that I get to recommend something that's useful, effective AND cheap! So I wanted to make sure you all knew about Rockler's Bench Cookies." Rick Waters, Splintered Board podcast: [Conclusion to his video review]: "I really tried to get [the board] to move - I tried everything... and it still held. I fully trust Rockler's Bench Cookies to keep your pieces right where they're supposed to be." Ralph Bagnall, ConsultingWoodworker.com: "Rockler... you have a hit on your hands!" - and - "Many have asked about sawdust on the Cookies. My video shows them in extreme conditions." Here's Ralph's video. Check it out for yourself. At just $11.99, we think you'll agree that Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers are a must-have for your shop!

posted on August 26, 2009 by Kim Adams
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