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Examine Nailer Nail Gauges and Lengths Before Buying Nail Gun Combo Kits
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Nail Holes in Wood Different nail guns make different sized and shaped holes, depending on the pieces you are making you might want to examine the type of gun you buy.

Part of the challenge of selecting a combo kit is figuring out which nail guns you need. Two issues to consider here are nail length and gauge. Surely, you’ll want to drive a range of nail lengths, just as you would with ordinary hand-nailing, to create solid connections. A 15- or 16-gauge brad nailer will provide you the sturdiest nails in lengths up to 2-1⁄2", but they leave the biggest hole behind. Eighteen-gauge brad nailers also accept a wide range of nail sizes up to 2". The thinner nails are ideal for general woodworking and trim jobs, and their signature is more discreet. For ultra-fine work, where appearance matters more than brute strength, a 23-gauge pin nailer is ideal. Pin-hole sized dots are their only trace.

posted on June 1, 2011 by Bill Hylton
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