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National Nail CAMO Fastening System Hides Screws in Deck Building
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National Nail Corp.’s CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System CAMO's Hidden Deck Fastening System allows deck builders to drive screws into boards without the screws showing on the surface.

If one of your summer projects involves building a deck, you may be interested in National Nail Corp.’s CAMO™ Hidden Deck Fastening System. Patented reverse rake deck screws work with CAMO’s Marksman tools for securing the deck boards directly to the joist, with no pre-drilling required — and no fasteners showing on the completed deck surface. It works with pressure treated wood, hardwood, composites and woods as hard as ipe. According to the manufacturer the screws back out easily if a board needs to be replaced and they offer limited lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on the screws, available in ProTech coated or stainless steel finishes and in 1-7⁄8" or 2-3⁄8" lengths. Built-in shoulders on 3" driver bits for both grooved and ungrooved boards set automatic depth of drive. The Marksman installation tools are available in either a do-it-yourselfer ($19.95) or Pro ($49.95) version, with the driver bits priced at $3.95 for a two-pack for ungrooved boards and $5.25 for a two-pack for grooved boards. As of 2011, screws pricing ranges from $11.95 for a 100-count pack of 1-7⁄8" Protech coated, to $128.95 for a 700-count pack of 2-3⁄8" of stainless steel.

posted on June 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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