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Oneida Dust Deputy Shop Vacuum Cyclone Dust Collector Attachment
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Oneida Dust Deputy Collection Attachment The Dust Deputy cyclone-type dust collector from Oneida separates your sawdust from your shop vacuum, preventing clogging and making clean-up easier.

No matter what you’re doing in the shop, dust collection is always an important consideration. Oneida’s Dust Deputy gives you a small-sized cyclone collector, whatever size your shop. It’s a clear-plastic molded miniature cyclone that can be mounted on or used with any standard shop vacuum. It separates over 99 percent of all dust and material and sends it into the container under the cyclone, not the shop vacuum. It minimizes filter clogs and helps the shop vac maintain optimum performance. And, since the cyclone is a clear container, it’s also entertainment — kind of like a lava lamp, except with dust. Watch those fine particles swirl, for a 2009 cost of $99 for the kit.

posted on December 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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3 thoughts on “Oneida Dust Deputy Shop Vacuum Cyclone Dust Collector Attachment”

  • Bill Roper

    This is all very interesting about the features of the Oneida Dust Deputy, but can you tell me if you have them for sale and what do they cost.

  • thomas w bates

    Do you carry dust deputy products ? The internet states that you have Dust Duputy..

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