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Painter’s Pyramids Finishing Turntable Makes Wood Finishing Easier Thanks Lazy Susan-style Design
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Painter's Pyramid Finishing Turntable The unique lazy-Susan base on the Painter's pyramid turntable allows you to reach just about any angle of a project while finishing and drying without touching it.

Keeping stuff clean while you’re finishing it is one advantage of the Finishing Turntable™. From the makers of the Painter’s Pyramids®, the Finishing Turntable supports, elevates and rotates your projects on a lazy Susan-like base so that you get easy access to lower edges, don’t have to touch the project with your hands to move it (thus avoiding smudges) and are able to apply touchups without waiting for a coat to dry. You can use it for stripping, staining, painting, routing and finishing projects by hand, brush and spray applications. The Finishing Turntable cost $49.99 in 2010 and is currently available at

posted on June 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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