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Pipe Clamps a Cost Effective Method to Turn Black and Galvanized Pipes into Panel Glue-Up Supports
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Rockler's pipe clamp hardware Pipe clamps, like these from Rockler, take pipes that you already own and turn them into sturdy, adjustable backing, just note that black pipe may stain wood if both come in contact with wet glue.

Most often used for clamping boards glued edge-to-edge and large plywood carcasses, pipe clamps are a popular choice for budget-oriented craftsmen: you purchase the clamp hardware and add your own pipe, cut as long or short as you wish. You can choose between lighter-duty 1/2-in.- or heavier duty 3/4 in.-diameter pipe clamps that thread onto standard galvanized or black pipe. For really large, long work, you can add extra length to any clamp by attaching another pipe with a threaded connector. Pipe clamps with deeper jaws, like the style #56 Jorgensen and Woodstock International D2838, are useful for clamping thick or wide assemblies.

posted on April 1, 2009 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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