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Porter-Cable OMNIJIG Joinery System Easy Router Template Joint Cutting
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Porter-Cable OMNIJIG Joinery System Porter-Cable’s OMNIJIG Joinery System features easy joint cutting with simple setting templates.

Porter-Cable’s OMNIJIG Joinery System™ comes in 24" (77240) and 16" (55160) models, both with “set and forget” template positioning stops and router bit depth gauges for repeatability. Color-coded onboard instructions will help you make a variety of dovetails or custom joints. The 24" sells for $599 as of 2008; the 16" for $429.

posted on August 1, 2008 by Woodworker's Journal
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3 thoughts on “Porter-Cable OMNIJIG Joinery System Easy Router Template Joint Cutting”

  • Steve Jaynes

    I believe the Porter Cable OmniJig has been discontinued. I have the 16" and all its accessories for variable through dovetails and box-joints.

    I also have the Leigh D4 24" competitor. While the OmniJig is just as capable as the Leigh, I wish now I'd invested in accessories for my Leigh instead of the OmniJig due to support and parts availability coming to an end.

  • Randy Harvey

    Really disappointed. Have the 24 inch Omnijig. Have the box joint kit but no box joint template and can't find one anywhere. What is wrong with Porter Cable? I bought the system less than three months ago, now can't find any accessories. Bummer!

  • Danny Parish

    I have a 24 in omnijg allso can't find a Dust collection and acc. Box

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