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Porter-Cable PC3PAK Air Compressor Nailer Kit Multi-Functional with Economical Price
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Porter-Cable PC3PAK Nailer Kit Porter-Cable's PC3PAK Air Compressor and Nailer kit has a lot of different uses for a relatively affordable price.

Porter-Cable markets several compressor-nailer packages, and the PC3PAK that I tried is the top of their line. The package provides three nailers with P-C’s six-gallon pancake compressor, and it’s the lowest priced of the multi-nailer packages I tried here.

The “pancake” tank looks more like an aggressively inflated Mylar® balloon, and the motor and compressor that are perched on it are housed in a plastic shroud incorporating a cord wrap and handle for lifting and carrying the unit. All of the controls are grouped in the top front. As do all the compressors in the collection, the P-C unit runs on a standard 120-volt circuit, and it draws 10 amps.

The compressor produces 0.8 horsepower, 150 PSI maximum pressure, and 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI — sufficient moxie to power a framing nailer and even intermittent use of a small spray gun.

It’s worth pointing out that this compressor is in each of P-C’s combo kits. If you don’t want all three guns, P-C offers it with either of two brad nailers, with just a finish nailer, and with both a brad nailer and a finish nailer. Curiously, the other packages can cost as much as or more than the PC3PAK. Go figure.

The nailers provided are first-rate, with great fit and finish, and a full array of features: padded tip on the safety rod, on-tool depth-of-drive adjuster, tool-free jam clearance, trigger lock and adjustable belt hook. All are equipped with sequential firing. You can buy a black trigger — it is not provided in the box — and replace the red one to get bump firing.

My only gripe is that the kit doesn’t give you a 2" brad nailer or a 1-1⁄2" stapler. The BN138 supplied tops out at 1-3⁄8" brads. The NS100B shoots 1" staples.

posted on June 1, 2011 by Bill Hylton
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