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Powermatic 701 Benchtop Mortiser Features Workpiece Holddown and Chisel Spacer
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Powermatic 701 Benchtop Mortiser HP/Speed: 3/4; 1725 RPM
Standard Stroke: 5-1⁄2"
Max. Chisel Center to Fence: 4-3⁄8"
Weight: 93 lbs
2010 Price: $399.99

Powermatic’s engineers did a brilliant job when designing the 701 and turned out a top-notch mortiser, in my opinion. For starters, it comes with a 3/4hp motor that was not only able to handle the test mortising, but also a round of 3/4"-wide, 1-1⁄2"-deep mortises in black ash. Hearty torque was definitely available for driving the big auger bit.

Powermatic mortiser chisel clearance spacers The Powermatic mortiser features onboard spacers that you can move into place to set the chisel-to-bit clearance.

Knobs and levers in all the right places make setups virtually a toolless job. The chuck access is spacious and right up front where things are easy to see. You even get two spacers that swing in or out to help set the clearance space between the chisel and auger bit — an important detail not to be overlooked when using any of these mortisers. And, the 701’s feed handle can be mounted left or right.

Powermatic's workpiece hold-down knobs Powermatic's hold down and table feed rollers are very well made with two knobs to set them and secure the workpiece.

Powermatic equips this tool with the best workpiece anchoring system of the test group. The hold-down has a threaded post with two knobs to set it for use: the top knob allows you to adjust downward pressure on the wood, and a side knob locks the position. Up front, the table has two rubber wheels that press against the wood, yet still allow it to move sideways.

The 2-5⁄8"-tall fence slides fore and aft easily on its rack, then locks down with two levers. Table workspace is adequate at 8-5⁄8" x 12-7⁄8". My only grumble about features is that the depth stop — a collar mounted to the column — can shift if you bear down too hard or bang the headstock against it.

Powermatic doesn’t include a set of chisels to fill its tool rack (too bad!), but you do get a bushing for 3/4" chisels and a diamond sharpening cone to touch them up.

While $399.99 (as of 2010) isn’t pocket change these days for a tool that essentially does one thing, this chomper is well-built, powerful and nicely appointed. It’s quite tempting.

posted on August 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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