• by Rockler

    These easy lathe upgrades can help improve your turning experience. From tool rests to bed extensions and drill chucks.

  • by Rockler

    While it's possible to turn a bowl with just a faceplate on your lathe and maybe a shop-made jam chuck, it's a lot easier if you equip your lathe with a four-jaw chuck. As the name suggests, this type of chuck has four jaws, and these jaws can be adjusted in and out to hold a workpiece, either by contracting around a turned tenon or expanding into a recess you turn in the workpiece. Most chucks also include a large screw insert for mounting blanks for shaping and turning the tenon or recess. Four-jaw chucks are an investment, so you want to choose wisely. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the best chuck for you.

  • by Rockler

    Basic Lathe Anatomy, key details you should know.

  • by Ernie Conover

    Use a lathe and some simple mortise and tenon joints to create a unique wood stool with a footrest and stretchers.

  • by Woodworker's Journal

    The Teknatool NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe combines a variety of tools into one including a lathe, wet stone, belt sander, carving tool, and a grinding tool. This multipurpose tool is convenient for any shop but particularly useful in the small wood shop where space saving is essential.

  • by Ernie Conover

    While the usual turning projects involve making a rounded piece on your lathe, expert Ernie Conover demonstrates an unusual but useful woodworking project.

  • by George Vondriska

    Using a chatter tool and some technique you can make a number of interesting and creative designs to really make your turnings stand out.

  • by Dr. Phil Gross

    Dr. Phil Gross was not going to let a disability stop him from his favorite hobby, and so he has developed a highly accessible workshop.

  • by Rob Johnstone

    In this question, our expert details the difference between #1 and #2 Morse tapers, and where manufacturers ultimately got the numbers

  • by Betty Scarpino

    To get to all sides of a bowl or sphere without mounting and marking up the project, our expert suggests an interesting vacuum chuck attachment.
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