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  • by Rockler

    While it's possible to turn a bowl with just a faceplate on your lathe and maybe a shop-made jam chuck, it's a lot easier if you equip your lathe with a four-jaw chuck. As the name suggests, this type of chuck has four jaws, and these jaws can be adjusted in and out to hold a workpiece, either by contracting around a turned tenon or expanding into a recess you turn in the workpiece. Most chucks also include a large screw insert for mounting blanks for shaping and turning the tenon or recess. Four-jaw chucks are an investment, so you want to choose wisely. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the best chuck for you.

  • by Rockler

    Turning is a specialized branch of woodworking with its own tools and skill set, and it can seem like an entirely different world even if you know your way around the rest of the shop. The good news is that it's not as hard to get started as you might think. Here's a quick-start guide to woodturning.

  • by Rockler

    These easy lathe upgrades can help improve your turning experience. From tool rests to bed extensions and drill chucks.

  • by Ernie Conover

    While the usual turning projects involve making a rounded piece on your lathe, expert Ernie Conover demonstrates an unusual but useful woodworking project.

  • by Ellis Walentine

    Turning vases and hollowform vessels from the inside out seems like a difficult task, but with the right tools it is actually easier than it looks.

  • by Woodworker's Journal

    Rockler's Lathe Tool Holder has a swivel arm that attaches to your lathe, giving you a table to keep turning tools and supplies at hand while you work.

  • by Kim Adams

    Adding a little fun to your homemade utensils or turning projects can be as simple as creating a fun shaped and/or colored handle.

  • by Rob Johnstone

    Woodworker's Journal Editor Rob Johnstone offers his advice on the best way to get turnings started on your lathe by mounting a drill bit.

  • by Betty Scarpino

    To get to all sides of a bowl or sphere without mounting and marking up the project, our expert suggests an interesting vacuum chuck attachment.

  • by Rob Johnstone

    Friction polish can be a turner's best friend, creating attractive, high gloss finishes on projects while they're still turning on the lathe.
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