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Table and Desk Plans

  • by Mike Stevesand

    This Mission-Style Coffee Table, built in the tradition of Arts and Crafts Design, is a perfect centerpiece for any living room and easy to build.

  • by Simon Watts

    This end table project starts with some clever woodworking techniques born from boatbuilding and ends with an attractive occasional table.

  • by Frank Grant

    Thanks to an intricate lattice-work base and classic woodworking techniques, this glass-topped coffee table makes a perfect display piece.

  • by Rockler

    Anyone can make beautiful custom picture frames with tools and ready-to use frame molding from Rockler or creating your own molding stock.

  • by Rob Johnstone

    In an update of a classic plan, Woodworker's Journal editor Rob Johnstone turns a classic country table into a modern woodworking showpiece.

  • by Ralph Bagnall

    Perfect for family card and board games, this envelope card table has a drawer to store your games and folds up into an attractive end table when you're done.

  • by Rob Johnstone

    This table plan is based off an original table build in the 1850s, updated by Woodworker's Journal editor Rob Johnstone and including some beautifully designed maple wood.

  • by Ian Kirby

    For a small space or kitchen, you want a table that doesn't take up a lot of room and is easy to store, this complex bench and table set fits the bill perfectly.

  • by Lars Dalsgaard

    Similar to the modern-style IKEA furniture, this project takes a standard folding bed-style project and gives it new life as a part-time coffee table.

  • by Frank Grant

    This classic drop leaf shaker-style table was based on a plan written 20 years ago, but redesigned with modern flare and highly figured maple wood.
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