Projects & Plans

  • by Chris Marshall

    Always a hit with children, this twelve piece puzzle designed by Woodworker's Journal's Chris Marshall is fun and can be finished in an afternoon.

  • by Rob Johnstone

    Woodworker's Journal editor Rob Johnstone perfects a toy airplane project he's been working on since the 80s, making a perfect holiday gift.

  • by Brad Becker

    Waney wood is often tossed aside as scrap by most woodworkers, but its rustic, raw look makes an excellent fringe for a cover of this box project.

  • by John Giem

    For perfect hamburger patties every time, the author used a few old, simple turning techniques to create a wood and PVC patty press.

  • by Chris Marshall

    Saw blades are a pricey addition to your shop and get dinged in cardboard sleeves, but this storage unit keeps them protected and organized.

  • by Lea Montaire

    Pink Ivory is popular for turnings, but it's rare and expensive, thankfully a cheap, good American alternative exists in Cascara hardwood.

  • by Ralph Bagnall

    Perfect for family card and board games, this envelope card table has a drawer to store your games and folds up into an attractive end table when you're done.

  • by Doc Crawford

    A finger plane can be a handy device around the shop, but many store bought ones are really poor quality, so building your own is a cheap, effective solution.

  • by Robert Rockler

    This Mosaic frame combines a sturdy plywood frame with bonded hardwood paneling in a project perfect for a few spare hours in your home shop.

  • by Kim Adams

    Dave Owen uses pine and Philippine mahogany scrap wood to create a series of children's domino toys with a simple CAD layout and template.
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