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Quick and Easy Home Improvement Tip: Spiff up your woodwork before holiday guests arrive
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Here's a DIY home improvement tip so simple and inexpensive you've just got to try it:

As a super-quick and easy way to make your home look better before your legions of holiday guests arrive, take a walk around your house with a Zenith Tibet Almond Stick. In each room, look over your woodwork (hardwood floors, furniture, molding, doors, etc.) for anything that's scratched.

Do any of these sound familiar: Dogs' toenails did a number on your hardwood floors? Cats used your trim as a scratching post?

Kids made a long scratch on the coffee table with their trucks? Basement door got scratched when hubby was moving in his air hockey table? Find those scratches - you know where they are! Rub the Tibet Almond Stick over the scratch, and the scratch disappears! People who have tried this thing love it - I know, I'm one of them! The images below are of my kitchen door, at left after being scratched up by my puppies, and at right after rubbing the Tibet Almond Stick over the scratches. I took the pictures myself. It is truly amazing.


You don't have to rub at it hard or long, just a couple quick passes and it's like the scratches weren't even there. Once you get going with this, you'll want to walk all over your house fixing up the little dings and scratches of everyday living. Hold onto that stick for after the holiday guests leave, though - you might need it again. You know: after your dad scratches up the front door carrying in the computer he wants your son to fix, or the kids try out their new roller skates on your Brazilian Cherrywood floors....

posted on December 2, 2009 by Kim Adams
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One thought on “Quick and Easy Home Improvement Tip: Spiff up your woodwork before holiday guests arrive”

  • Stan Reimers

    I would like to order two of the Tibet Almond Stick. Do you still stock this product?

    If so, how may I order it?

    Thank you,

    Stan Reimers

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