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Rare Bubinga Bowl Blanks
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bubinga bowl blanksBy now, we’re guessing most of you have heard about a certain remarkable tree and the unique, exceptionally figured Bubinga lumber it’s yielded to the benefit of a few lucky woodworkers. We’re making that guess, in part, because the interest in this rare lumber-buying opportunity has been so widespread that we ran through our supply of 4/4 stock available by the board foot at lightening speed, and as of this posting, are only offering Curly Waterfall Bubinga lumber in the form of sensational, if slightly more cost-intensive, large-dimension slabs. For the general woodworking population, that may not be the most happy news. To you, we can say this: stay tuned. We’re not promising anything – but you never know.

If your tool of choice happens to be a lathe, on the other hand, luck is on your side. While the stock lasts, Rockler is offering truly unique Bubinga Bowl Turning Blanks in a variety of sizes – all cut from the very same tree that’s been causing all the stir.

Of course we couldn’t leave turners out of the loop - it’s such an obvious application for the material. Despite its hardness (heavier and harder than maple) Bubinga is a prized turning species. It has a fine texture, machines well, and polishes unaided to an almost glossy surface. In terms of color, even an “everyday” hunk of Bubinga has plenty to offer: namely, a subtle range of rich reddish brown tones punctuated with darker grain striping. On top of that, this particular Bubinga offers a striking grain pattern - uncommon for the species - and comes from a tree of uncommon proportions and notoriety.

bubinga treeRight now, blanks are available for everything from small decorative pieces on up to show-stopping bowls and platters. You’ll also find a few larger dimension chunks, any of which would make a great set, or could represent one-of-a-kind opportunity for oval turners. Whichever way you might decide to go, we’ll offer the same advice that we did when the board-foot lumber hit the market: if you’re interested, don’t procrastinate. We don’t expect these unique blanks to last long, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

posted on April 25, 2008 by Rockler
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One thought on “Rare Bubinga Bowl Blanks”

  • Pawel Gralinski

    Sir, I am interested in bubinga lumber 8/4 thick, width >50" and length of >14'
    Please advise if you can provide it.
    Thank on forehand

    Pawel W. Gralinski

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